50 Years Luigi Colani «Futurama» Exhibition

Luigi Colani Design, Details of «Bio City» for Shanghai, First Sketch of Idea in Japan 1983 Head Administration, Lungs — Park, How Logic Power Station Located Middle in the Park, Traffic Through Arteries, Feet are information Center, All internal Organs of Human Body are Easily to Translated to City Institutions. This City is built 5,000 Scientists 50:50 Male and Female, To Test Life Of the Third Millennium Under Absolutely Free and Perfect Conditions. Colani’s Most Fastinating Project. Everything will be Re-designing. We’ve Chosen Female Body Because We Will Comitt Errors, Female Can Give Birth To Repair Errors. (Photo by Jun Sato/WireImage)

Обновление: 14.05.2020
  BIOTOP  2020